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Twitter disaster

Hands up those who are surprised that around 250,000 twitter accounts (maybe more) have been hacked and passwords and personal account details stolen?  Me neither.

I am now resolved that in all future media training workshops I will firmly recommend that no-one should have a Twitter account except in exceptionl circumstances.  I confess I set up a Twitter account in its very early days  but soon realised there was nothing I wanted to say via the medium so let it lapse.  Today my daughter will help me terminate my account.  I acknowledge that in emergencies it may be the only way that beleagured communities can get their messages to the outside world (think Hurricane Sandy and before that the Egyptian revolution) but for many people it’s just not worth the risk.  Looking it up, I realise that the password I use is the same for a number of other services I use – memo to self: change them today, NOW!



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