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Special Crisis Media Skills Training Details

The session is best organised with one or two people from the organisation who are likely to face the media and undergo hostile media interviews about the situation.   Any number of observers and / or advisors can be present.  Chris usually has any relevant report(s) sent to him before the session.  The whole exercise is treated in the strictest confidence and all material is returned to the organisation at the end.

Chris starts by listening to the problem – preferably but not necessarily before the media has found out.  Then he leads a discussion to determine the defence messages and the ‘sensitivities’.  That’s followed by a ‘soft’ interview with both participants, with playback and critique.  Further discussions ensue and each participant then gets a further series of interviews getting increasingly hostile with questions based on the experience Chris has in real hostile news interviews.

Without exception, every organisation Chris has helped has expressed gratitude for the outcomes.  The first outcome is to define the positive messages to be stressed in hostile interviews.  The second outcome is to give the participants practice in handling the ‘awkward’ quesions.


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