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Media Training

‘Special’ Crisis Media Skills

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“It couldn’t / wouldn’t happen to us.”  But it has.  That moment when, despite all your systems and procedures to prevent it, the worst has happened.  And the media know about it or will find out very soon.   What to do?  Get ready with this very focused media skills training which, remarkably, may turn things around for you or at the very least leave you looking much more positive and in control than if you just hoped for the best.

Chris has conducted these sessions on several occasions – especially with ‘Baby P’ type situations – with great effect, leaving organisations feeling much more confident about facing the media and minimising the damage to their image.


Training Basics
Maximum Number 2
Pre-requisites None
Duration (hrs) 4-5
Radio Interviews Yes (1)
TV interviews Yes (2)
Website Handout Yes
'Credit' Card Handout Yes
Venue In House
Saturday/Evening options Yes
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