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Senior Officer Recruitment

Many organisations recognise that a good media interview under pressure is a crucial pre-requisite for candidates for senior posts, typically at director or chief executive level.

We offer the facilities and expertise to conduct tough mock media interviews with each candidate, either relayed to a nearby room for the selection panel to watch while the candidate is interviewed ‘live’ and / or recorded for the panel to watch later.

Media interview skills must not be left to chance.  The candidates will almost certainly have had media training – but that is no assurance that they will perform well under pressure.

We provide all the equipment necessary.

Tick the boxes! Does this candidate tick the ‘media competent’ box?

Select a candidate who performs well and will give you confidence that they will be a credit to your organisation in tough media interviews.

Obviously you are unlikely to select a candidate simply on this tough media interview test but remember, proving a candidate can’t perform well in a hostile media environment is just as important as proving they can.

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