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About Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly is widely recognised as one of the most effective and experienced media trainers in the UK.

Curiously, some ‘media trainers’ have no experience of any part of the media – but with a background not directly connected with practising journalism. Chris Kelly has done it – on the ground as a reporter covering local, national and international news, later as an editor making decisions on which stories are chosen for publication (and how they should be treated).

Chris brings to his media training an extraordinary, rounded career history which combines extensive journalistic experience with teaching – a rare combination not usually matched by other trainers.

While many ex-journalists have turned to teaching media skills, it’s widely recognised that few are good communicators with a live audience, let alone teachers with the skills demanded for imparting knowledge in a stimulating and entertaining way.

Chris started as a trainee reporter on Radio 210  in Reading. Other broadcasters there at the time included Steve Wright, Mike Reid and ‘whispering’ Bob Harris. Chris became a reporter specialising in hard news and fast-breaking stories. He also ‘anchored’ many special programmes – eg, Budget Day and General Election night.

Chris soon began working for LBC (London’s talk / news station) and IRN the national and international radio news service for commercial radio – both shared the same building and news service. Feeding not only British radio stations, Chris began feeding news material and ‘voicers’ for radio stations around the world, particularly in the U.S. and Australia / New Zealand. He was also used as a reporter regularly by BFBS – British Forces Broadcasting.

In 1981 he arrived in Bournemouth to help set up the new radio station 2CR, Two Counties Radio, as chief reporter, covering much of Dorset and some of Hampshire. Within a year he was appointed news editor and, again, anchored all the important news output of the station as well as a weekly programme that discussed and debated local issues and lasted for some years.

Out of the blue Bournemouth University (as it became) asked Chris to help one of its clients on a management programme to understand and cope with the media. The rest, as they say…

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