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Rubbish – and other disappointments

Today it’s been announced that Kensington & Chelsea council is removing many litter bins from its streets – because they collect too much litter.  It reminds me of a story.

During the Second World War it became de rigeur for all U.S. army officers (my father was one) to go to a particular umbrella shop near St Giles Circus in London and buy a particular model of umbrella which they would take back to the States as a momento of their time over here.  A few years after the war one of those officers returned and went to buy another of that particular model, only to be told by the shop that they didn’t sell them any more.  When the officer asked why he was told that the model was so popular they couldn’t keep up with the demand and felt it was better not to sell them.  Which reminds me of another story.

When the first U.S. army officers arrived in London a girls school was requisitioned to accomodate them all.  Most had to sleep in the former girls’ dormitories and were amused on entering the dormitory for the first time to see a bell push over each bed and the label under it which read “If you require a mistress during the night then ring the bell.”

Any similar tales would be gratefully received.



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