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Prodigal handouts

I once won a competition inside the commercial radio station I worked for for supplying the best epitaph on a gravestone.  My entry was “Back after the break”.  That’s how I feel now after such prolonged problems with my website – suspected to be caused by a hacker with a death wish.  If you find out who it was please let me know and I will ensure their wish comes true.

For the many of you who have suffered my training since the website was set up and were promised handouts could be accessed on it I am pleased to say they are here, albeit with a different way in.  The excellent guys at Key Multimedia who set up my site said that part of the hacking problem could be the test entry of the password.  With that peril in mind I have rewritten the entry page to require a number to be entered by clicking rather than text entry.  Please contact me at chriskelly.co.uk for instructions – but you MUST tell me the organisation you work for to minimise the chance of a hacker getting in touch.

A couple of miscellaneous facts that caught my attention recently:

Iceland has the highest take up of broadband in the world; 95% of the population have access.  In Britain it’s 84%.   Indians have more mobile phones than indoor toilets.

Three out of 5 Premier League footballers go broke within five years of retirement; one in three get divorced within a year of retiring.

A prosthetic leg was stolen from the top of a wall at a farm near Fishguard.

And finally U.S. politician Mitt Romney has won the “Foot in Mouth” award for telling voters “I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in.  That’s the America I love”.

I’ll be back after a much shorter break.

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