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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Training

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Presentation heiroglyphPerhaps you’re a forester who only needs to talk to trees or a zookeeper who only has to talk to penguins.  Most of us have to talk to people and present plans, ideas, thoughts.  We may have to sell or persuade, calm the over-emotional or motivate those who are  apathetic.  Maybe to one person, maybe to a crowd, maybe familiar colleagues, maybe strangers.  Maybe to break bad news.   It comes down to presentation.  Some do it well, most don’t.  This will be the only presentation skills workshop you’ll ever need.

The picture at the top is on the wall of an Egyptian tomb and dated to around 3,500 years ago.  Roughly translated it says “To be successful in life you must communicate well.”

Training Basics
Maximum Number 6
Pre-requisites None
Duration (hrs) 6-7
Radio Interviews No
TV interviews No
CD Handout Yes
'Credit' Card Handout Yes
Venue In House
Saturday/Evening options Yes
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