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Media Training

Press Release Writing

How to write a press release that gets high profile attention and use.
It’s extraordinary how bad most press releases are. Curiously, some PR companies – who should be perfect – make the most fundamental mistakes. But most people who write press releases start with old books, shamefully outdated, or turn to the internet for advice – which is frequently based on the old books.

You are competing with some very slick operators who know not just how to write them for maximum impact but also know how best to present them. This workshop goes into the whole psychology of communication – simply and briefly, but then builds on it to explain the most basic mistakes that are made by most people – and how to write them well and get them noticed and used.

Training Basics
Maximum Number 10
Pre-requisites No
Duration (hrs) 3-4
Radio Interviews No
TV interviews No
CD Handout Yes
'Credit' Card Handout Yes
Venue In House / Open Workshop
Saturday/Evening options Yes
Additional Information
Upon booking, you get a password which enables you to go to a normally hidden part of this site and download Administration Consideratons and a pdf file containing the workshop outline which you can, optionally, email to attendees.
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