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Media Training

Media Skills Overview

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A very cost-effective way to get many people up to speed with the media in one session.

The material is exactly the same as the full day Effective Media Skills workshop – but without the interviews. We say this doesn’t send people away trained – ‘learning by doing’ is best – but it does send your participants away with a very good understanding of what the media is all about and how it can be dealt with. It also emphasises that the organisation wants staff to appreciate ‘media sensitivity’ – particularly looking for positive news opportunities.

Training Basics
Maximum Number Unlimited
Pre-requisites No
Duration (hrs) 3-4
Radio Interviews No
TV interviews No
Website Handout Yes
'Credit' Card Handout Yes
Venue In House
Saturday/Evening options Yes
Additional Information
Upon booking, you get a password which enables you to go to a normally hidden part of this site and download Administration Consideratons and a pdf file containing the workshop outline which you can, optionally, email to attendees.

* Duration depends on whether press release writing is to be covered. We strongly recommend it is for the communication tricks that are taught.

** We do not run an Open Workshop for this training
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