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iPad considerations…


If you use an iPhone or, more likely, an iPad then you will need to get some software.

The handouts are written as ‘Flash’ files (*.swf).  They are entirely safe – millions of websites use flash files – but Steve Jobs didn’t like the file type so it was deliberately blocked on Apple products.  Android tablets play flash files with no problem.

This limitation on Apple products has angered many people around the world and led to a number of workarounds – ironically many of them are found on the Apple iTunes store, all of them for free or a pittance.

There are two ways around this annoyance:

Get rid of the built-in Safari browser and install CLOUD browser – for free.

Get one of the apps from the iStore which overcome the problem.  The one usually recommended is iSwifter  but there are many more.

An added advantage is that if you make the effort it means that you can enjoy millions of other websites that run flash files.


Question: What was the difference between Steve Jobs and God?

Answer: God didn’t think he was Steve Jobs.




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