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These handouts are simply traditional summary material in electronic form.  They are not intended to be a manual for any topic or be used stand-alone by anyone who has not received the relevant training from me.

Like any handout, they are merely intended as an ‘aide memoire’

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A collection of miscellainia, websites and serendipity than doesn’t fit easily anywhere else.

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Now you’ve experienced my training I hope it’s left you in a positive, confident mood and ready to think of others who would benefit.

Naturally, I’d like you to book again – many of my clients are long term and bring me back many times over the years!

But if you feel you want something a little different next time, that’s not a problem.  I can tailor the material to put more or less emphasis on some topic(s) or tailor to particular groups of people, eg highways engineers or public health doctors.  No problem, just talk it over.

My training is designed to leave you with the skills and approach to deal with all the media in any situation.   Unlike many media trainers I don’t provide sets of rules to be used depending on whether it’s television, radio or newspapers or whether they turn up on your doorstep, ambush you on the road or invite you into a studio.  What matters is that you have a clear set of rules and tips for any of the media in any situation.

Treat all the media the same way – including ‘celebrity’ interviewers.



The handouts are for your personal use only.  The only way you may legally refer to them is to have been given password access personally by Chris Kelly at one of his training workshops or seminars.

By accessing any part of this material you are agreeing that copyright in it remains with Chris Kelly and no part of it, its carrier, contents, intellectual properties or password(s) can (in whole or part) be given, loaned, hired, sold or in any other way be gifted, traded, copied, presented, delivered, stored or transferred to any other system or third party in any storage or communication technology existing now or yet to be developed.

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