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Is all the training carried out by Chris Kelly?

Yes, you will always get Chris.  And Chris travels alone.  No extra staff are needed (which would inevitably raise the price significantly) as the high quality digital recording equipment for interviews is carefully chosen to be simply operated by Chris.

Can we just do radio interviews and leave out television?

Yes, if you must.  We strongly advise against it.  Newspapers and radio stations are beginning to video their interviews and then put the edited result up on their websites – behaving very much like tv.  Everyone has much greater chance of video and tv exposure than ever before.  Learning the tv side takes very little extra time and is always appreciated.

Why doesn’t Chris use a studio to add realism as so many others boast they do?

Simple.  Most tv interviews are not conducted in a studio but when Chris did use a studio in the early days it required extra staff to operate it (more costs) and was a considerable distraction for participants.  Also, Chris teaches that the essence of success is preparation and control – so that participants come away able to be interviewed effectively in any surroundings.

Are there DVD recordings of the interviews?

Yes, or then again, no. The interviews are shot on DVCAM tape – broadcast quality digital videotape for greatest possible quality when played back during the training.  This is quite expensive to get transferred afterwards to DVD – it requires studio time to edit, add titles, print labels, etc.  Therefore, it’s not offered as standard as many organisations don’t want it.  But many do and up until the end of the day you are able to order a copy of all of the tv interviews, both good and bad for each participant, for £12.50 each.  Normally seven copies are ordered – one for the organisation and the rest for the individual participants.  After the day we cannot guarantee that the tape has not been reused and the recordings lost forever – so we must know on the day at the latest.

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