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Effective Media Skills Training Details

The most popular Chris Kelly media training because it combines every element of handling the media effectively – and a lot more besides.

At the bottom of the previous page, on the left hand side, is the pdf file you can download and examine in detail the workshop content.  Feedback forms completed at the end of the training often comment on the unexpected amount of information provided – and how the concepts, tricks and tips are transferable skills which can be used in day-to-day communications and human interaction.

The content is arranged in logical modules which tend to begin with explaining the reasoning behind the training element followed by the element itself.   The modules range from media basics – now and in developments and trends; the two crucial elements in every message which lead to people paying attention to the message; the fun radio interview which illustrates the feelings and bodily changes which most people are unaware of.

There are two modules on preparation, one on delivery and a further module on tv appearances.

But there are two key modules which are the core of the training: the’Bow Tie Strategy – and the Butterfly Trick which goes with it – and the Magic Formula for Bad News.

The Startegy and Trick give the participant a very high chance of winning every media interview they ever undertake – very reassuring that there is an approach that increases the chance of victory.

The Magic Formula for Disaster is always received with great interest by all participants who know that sooner or later the will need to use it.  Over the years Chris has identified up to seven positive messages which can be used in any situation where the bad news seems to dominate.


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