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Media Training

Effective Media Skills Training

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This is the main, most popular, media skills training that Chris delivers.

It is an intense media skills workshop that brings participants from any level of previous media experience from ‘none’ to ‘much’ and strips the media and communications back to basics and builds from there. Even the most experienced come away really suprised how such a fresh – and thorough – approach can be so effective. Many have some previous media training but all go away at the end saying how much they hadn’t appreciated about the media and how many tricks they had learned – and how they wish they’d had this training at the very start of their careers.

Many participants mention how many of the elements are actually general communication skills, enabling them to be more effective in all their future communications.

Training Basics
Maximum Number 6
Pre-requisites No
Duration (hrs) Full or Half Day
Radio Interviews Yes (1)
TV interviews Yes (2)
Website Handout Yes
'Credit' Card Handout Yes
Venue In House
Saturday/Evening options Yes
Additional Information
Upon booking, you get a password which enables you to go to a normally hidden part of this site and download Administration Consideratons and a pdf file containing the workshop outline which you can, optionally, email to attendees.
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