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Media Training

Crisis Media Management Overview

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Essential for organisations that take crisis planning and their image seriously.

Important note: Chris can be called in to conduct crisis media management training where the organisation faces a known, looming crisis which is likely to be picked up by the media or where the organisation  needs the expertise to plan for the media mob when things go wrong – a crucial element often overlooked even in large organisations.

In the event of a specific, known crisis the workshop is planned to match all parts of the training against this scenario, to build positive messages to be used with the media and to give participants interview practice on this specific problem.

This has proved highly effective for some organisations who have begun the workshop believing there can be no positive position for the crisis they face. They have finished the session with Chris with their view turned around completely and a positive attitude towards the crisis they face.

Where the workshop is to bolster the overall disaster planning then a much broader approach is taken , discussing all important aspects of crisis planning for the media.

Training Basics
Maximum Number 6
Pre-requisites A potential crisis, or not
Duration (hrs) 7
Radio Interviews Yes (1)
TV interviews Yes (2)
Website Handout Yes
'Credit' Card Handout Yes
Venue In House
Saturday/Evening options Yes
Additional Information
Upon booking, you get a password which enables you to go to a normally hidden part of this site and download Administration Consideratons and a pdf file containing the workshop outline and dress considerations for participants which you then email to everyone who will be attending.

* This not offered as an Open Workshop.
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