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1-2-1 Media Skills Training Details

Module 1: Setting the Scene

My qualifications for delivering the training; housekeeping; notes, questions, handouts; the participant(s) introduce themselves, their experience(s) with the media and what they want from the training

Module 2:  The Nature of the Media

Similarities between radio, television and newspapers and the differences which affect the way your news is presented to the public; the dramatic changes in the media which will affect your organisation for better and worse; the decline of the printed newspaper and the rise of the internet as a news medium; social media; user generated content; the citizen journalist. What is news? Which topics are most newsworthy? Is everyone interested in news? Is anyone?

Module 3: Radio Interview

A light-hearted 30 second radio interview for each participant which, although fun, illustrates five serious aspects of all media interviews;  critical communication considerations to get attention.  Adrenalin and nerves.

Module 4: Effective Media Interview Skills

Why the media wants the participant and the advantage that flows from that; how the media avoids the ‘spokesperson’; the three stages of most news stories. Kelly’s Bow Tie strategy – to win every media interview – the trick to deliver messages early. The essential approach to messages. Preparation; taking control of the journalist by asking five important questions; tricks of impact. Delivery – many tricks and considerations including four Golden Guidelines. The Magic Formula for Disaster – providing up to seven positive messages in any crisis situation. Live vs pre-recorded; buying time live.

Preparing for a tv interview. Appearance: dress, hands, eyes, smiling body language – positive and negative. Smiling in bad news.

Reporters’ Tricks

Twelve or so tricks reporters use to catch people out, confuse them or make them sound foolish. Delivered with antidotes to all tricks.

Your Impact Tricks

Six or so tricks which raise the level of impact and interest in your messages.  Widely transferable to your everyday needs to communicate.

 Towards the end

A short summary of the key points of the day. Pointer to website handouts and feedback form to each participant.

Note:  We reserve the right to vary the detailed content depending on media developments and time allocated to the training.


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