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Inspirational, thorough
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Build confidence in dealing with the media - Now!

High quality media and communications training from one of Britain’s most experienced and highly-acclaimed media skills trainers.

Effective Media Skills

The most popular and thorough intense media skills full day training on offer. Includes social media implications and Magic Formula for Disaster. Each participant receives one radio and two television interviews with critique.

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Crisis Media Management

Many organisations rightly plan for the worst - but fail to plan for handling the media scrum when the crisis hits. When bad things happen it's too late to do the training or 'play it by ear'.

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The abridged, half day version of Effective Media Skills, designed for people who can only spare a half day. Participants still get three interviews each and the essential tips and tricks which lead to success.

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The quick and easy way to give many people the basics of dealing with the media in one hit. Fill your council chamber or local cinema with as many as you can! Often FREE if one or more workshops are booked.

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New senior staff arrive, mayors and council leaders are elected. They often need media training NOW. For one (or two) people this is the full Effective Media Skills, delivered in half a day. It's all they'll ever need.

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A looming crisis often brings negative, damaging news coverage. This session focuses specifically on that crisis and draws out, with practice hostile tv interviews, the core positive messages to be delivered and provide answers to negative media questions.

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Chris is a natural speaker combining humour & practical media information, often in contrast to the main theme. Booked either as a keynote speaker or conducting a breakaway group, Chris will talk to any size audience.

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Hieroglyphics were on the tomb walls in Egypt urging citizens to improve their presentation skills for success. Nothing has changed. People just need to be shown an approach and given gentle coaching to be dramatically better.

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Candidates for the highest office of their profession need to demonstrate competency with the media. I provide Paxman-style interviews for potential chief constables, fire chiefs etc. to help selection committees evaluate media behaviour.

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